Make your Title III/V grant meaningful

Catharine Penfold NavarroYou believe in higher education and its role in transforming lives and communities. Now you are filling out reports, trying to track student success with incomplete data, and attempting to meet federal, state, and institutional budget policies that sometimes conflict. And you have a five-year grant!

Leading a Title III/V grant is challenging — but it also provides your institution with a unique opportunity — the time, personnel, and funding to put into action┬áthe big ideas you have about how to improve student success.

As you choose an external evaluator, we know you want someone who will connect with the heart of your work, and keep you on track to evaluate your progress toward meeting your grant objectives. That’s where Navarro Associates comes in. We’ll use our expertise as grant project directors, combined with our extensive experience in higher education administration, to help guide you through the evaluation process.

After all, education should be about changing lives through learning. Not about filling out paperwork.