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OPTIMIZE! CONSULTANTS | We connect with the heart of your work, using our experience, innovation, and authenticity to support you in optimizing student success + learning.

HIGHER EDUCATION CONSULTING | We consult with leaders in higher education to create and implement high-impact strategies to maximize student success.

GRANT EVALUATION | We work with Title III and Title V grant project directors to create, implement, and assess successful grants. We have successfully led Title III-funded strategies to improve student persistence, academic success, and transfer readiness.

WHO WE ARE | We are collaborative, innovative, agile, results-oriented higher education leaders with a passion for seeing students succeed and expertise in Title III grant management.

HOW WE WORK | We leverage our expertise in high-impact practices, to build on your own leadership strengths, together creating conditions for maximized student outcomes.

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Catharine Penfold Navarro, PhD, Senior Consultant

Catharine Penfold Navarro, PhD, is an Optimize! Senior Consultant and former Project Director of a Title III grant at Valencia College in Orlando.