Philosophy of Education

Dr. Penfold Navarro

I am a scholar, teacher, learner, and leader. I believe strongly in the role the university plays in shaping the future of our communities– as well as the students whose dream it is to earn a degree and create a better future for themselves and their families. I also believe deeply in the university’s crucial imperative to produce new knowledge that will allow our society to solve the challenges we face today and in the future. Students should be engaged to consider their role in these solutions: developing as researchers, continuing in graduate and professional study, and preparing for future employment.

I am passionately committed to authentic learning and to creating active learning experiences for students that result in meaningful connections with the discipline, student colleagues, and faculty. My professional work focuses on inspiring students, faculty, and staff to strive to engage in deep, meaningful learning experiences. I believe learning is best achieved through the creation of authentic connections between learners and teachers and that true education is achieved through active, integrated, interdisciplinary learning, within community.

I believe deeply in the mission of the academy. Authentic learning, within community, can change a student’s life.  And that, in turn, can change the world. Every student should be challenged – to think deeply, explore new ideas and knowledge, and connect what they learn with their personal values and philosophy. This is our work (and it is vitally important): to facilitate student learning and development.


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