Lead Title III / Title V Evaluator and Consultant

Penfold Navarro

Lead Evaluator: Catharine Penfold Navarro, PhD, is an experienced Title III Project Director with expertise in grant development, Title III consulting, and project administration. She has lead institutional change funded by Title III grants in Florida and Kentucky.

Dr. Penfold Navarro has proven success in a wide range of higher education areas including:

  • transfer
  • teaching and learning
  • curriculum design
  • learning communities
  • academic advising
  • educational planning software
  • faculty development
  • learning support
  • authentic assessment
  • student affairs
  • new student orientation
  • online curriculum development
  • educational access
  • Hispanic college students
  • cultural competency.
  • community colleges
  • universities.

Dr. Penfold Navarro believes strongly in the role higher education plays in shaping the future of our communities — as well as the students whose dream it is to earn a degree and create a better future for themselves and their families. She is passionately committed to authentic learning within community.

Whether the context is learning support, academic curriculum, career exploration, or educational planning, Dr. Penfold Navarro has lead teams in creating active learning experiences that result in meaningful learning for students, as they understand at a deeper level how their lives connect with the discipline, their student colleagues, and faculty.

Dr. Penfold Navarro’s professional work focuses on inspiring students, faculty, and staff to engage in deep, meaningful learning experiences. She believes learning is best achieved through the creation of authentic connections between students and teachers and that true education is achieved through active, integrated, interdisciplinary learning, within community.

Dr. Penfold Navarro will bring this deep commitment to higher education, as well as her extensive expertise in grant management, as your External Evaluator.


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